"Children are not just little adults. They go through typical characteristics of growth - intellectually, emotionally, and socially—on their way to becoming adults."

Our Sneak Peeks of Aizen

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The very first time I had my ultrasound and other laboratory tests, is with my husband and I was just in my 3rd month of pregnancy. It was a bit scary and exciting then to know if there is really a baby inside my tummy. The moment we saw in the monitor a series of figures, we thought it will like in the movies that there will be tears and we will all be emotional..... in contrary, there were laughs. We can't really tell which is which! The sonographer explained all the parts and we then figured out that what we thought of was a different part instead. We too saw the baby flexed his biceps (as his dad exclaimed). To sum up what happened that day...... It was the wake-up call that I really do have a baby inside me and soon to be a mom :)
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The Day That My Life Changed

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Start Anew

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It's 10:48am 113009 - holiday. My husband is snoring away and my son is playing with his nanny downstairs. Unavoidably, I always have this syndrome that hinders me from writing in my son's blog...... Facebook Applications Hyper-active Disorder.

Happy to say, I'm already sober from it. Now, my husband suggested a wonderful idea that would enable me to blog without thinking so much.... a photo-blog! So from now on, I'll start all-over again with my son's life and a new perspective... not really, I'll just document his life through his photos and videos. Hope when the time comes, he won't deny me as his mom.

Btw, I will still do censorship for my son's future sake :D
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