"Children are not just little adults. They go through typical characteristics of growth - intellectually, emotionally, and socially—on their way to becoming adults."

“To run or not to run” that is the question ever since my husband came home very late one night with, surprisingly, a paper bag of goodies, or shall I say “freebies”. I knew instantly that it has to do something with his hobby -- running. For quite sometime, my husband kept on talking to our son about running together not realizing that an early age of 2 years, he could already participate, plus, he kept on egging me to participate in one of his races. (FYI, I’m not a sport-buff. Not even trying to exercise. In short, I’m one of those people that fitness instructors would really want to recruit as their career “challenge”).

When I said “Okay, we’ll go. Do I have a choice?”, that’s the point where I got curious on what now is the advocacy this run is supporting. Reading the printouts that my husband handed to me, I realized that my sweat could go more than a mile (figuratively). I personally saw a terrible library at our province in Nueva Ecija. And even asked a cousin of mine if she even saw a library before she studied and lived with us. Shockingly,she announced that they don't have one. At grade five, she don't know yet how to construct a simple English sentence, doesn't know most of the common nursery rhymes or even famous fairy tales. It might have helped her to learn these simple things that she should have already learned as early as preschool if there's even one section of books in their place.

I may not be a runner, I may even just walk with my son at the Run to Read event, at least my family could have some fun together and might help others that are not fortunate enough to be reached by the government hand. At least our hands, or rather our feet could reach them when they need us, which is now.

It was actually also a dream of my husband for me to run with him. Now, I think,is the time to start. Jokingly, I told him that I'll go for the run in exchange of a Harry Potter Book 7 or a ticket for the musical Cats, and besides, my birthday is quite near. Let it be my birthday present from him. He smugly replied that his present is the lifetime of health as he entered me to the Run to Read Fun Run. YEAH RIGHT!!!!! But hey, he got a point.

Stubborn as I may be, health-wise or even in other things, I admit that he really is right. He might love me as I am, but he also loves me to care for my health. Decision to run is on the green…..It’s even for a good cause :).

So for my friends and relatives, I am also inviting you to join us in this event. Ate Nadz and Kuya Rael will be there also to cheer Aizen, and run their first 3k race. Let it be your gift on my birthday ;)


Race Distances: 3k | 5k |10k |15k | 500m for kids

Regular Registration: July 1 – August 8, 2010

Click the link for ONLINE REGISTRATION or you may also download the REGISTRATION FORM.

Registration Fee

PHP 500 for 500m for kids (tandem with 1 parent)
PHP 300 for 3k
PHP 350 for 5k
PHP 400 for 10k
PHP 450 for 15k

(Inclusive of singlet, race number and certificate)

Registration Areas
BrandWorX Inc Head Office
Penthouse, Eurovilla Bldg. 2, VA Rufino St., Legaspi Village Makati City

Runnr Store
Bldg. B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Philippines

SecondWind Running Store
Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village | Ortigas Home Depot

All Terra Cyclery
Club 650 Libis, Quezon City

Trinoma | Megamall | Festival Mall

Royal Sporting House
Glorietta 4 | Robinson’s Place Manila

 Color of singlet that we could choose from
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Father and Son

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My dad honestly confessed to me that he never carried me when I was still a baby. That is why seeing my husband so fond of my baby and even taught me how to change Aizen's diapers, makes me appreciate his efforts to be a great dad for Ahgi. Not a lot of guys that are willing to goof around to the extent of looking a lot silly and foolish, but he's more than willing to those things for our baby's thrills. A kid at heart...... but a most responsible man.

A Child's Hug
a poem by Salvador Galvez

There are times when life overwhelms us.
We talk and try to resolve our problems.
We seek the All Mighty's Mercy.
From the helpless we ask, they deem us crazy.
We run around in circles to the point of dejavue.
When we finish the round we start over again.
While sitting watching closely, a child wants to be wooed.
We have no time for childish things worry is in our brain.

Gentle tugs we most surely ignore.
While the little one is waiting to adore.
Some times the little tugs free us from our entangled world.
In the huge eyes our worries dissolve into a smile unfurled.

Longingly the child invites to be embraced.
We of instinct respond as though we are giving.
If a child is Heaven sent, then we are not giving but receiving.
It is a child's hug that permeates our soul and thus we are graced.
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Mommy Bonding

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Still without a nanny, I was stuck with Aizen for the whole day and night. No, I'm not complaining but there were times that it will really worn you off. Luckily, my husband was helpful. Before going to his office, he will buy first stuffs and meals for me and letting me finish giving morning baths to our baby. At least, that had lessen my load.
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We were not suppose to celebrate his 1st "monthsary" for the simple reason that there's no such thing but what changed our minds was Aizen won't stop crying and everybody's nagging us to celebrate it. August 4th had passed and Aizen, as usual, didn't let me sleep the whole night. So the next day (August 5th), I cooked spaghetti and my husband bought a cake. Thus, breaking our principle of not celebrating "monthsaries". :D
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Quick Break

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Taking a quick break here. I know that I should continue my blogging on my son's life for I am way behind now, but I can't help it. I'm watching Shining Inheritance on Youtube and I can't stop now. Hwan nkows already that the two ladies are related. When I'm finished with my Koreanovela, promise, I'll do the photo-blogging again.

See yah layrer!!
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